Our goal is to facilitate investments up to $1 Billion USD throughout the Caribbean Islands in the agribusiness sector.


CADCO Investment Portal Offering

CADCO connects startups with a large collection of investors and accelerators from across the world.

Investment Development Partner

For Business Plan Experts. Help us with business planning and writing a winning business plan to share with investors to secure funding.Learn More »

Investment Accelerator

Our accelerators see opportunities in existing businesses and are able to use their talents, connections and resources to take a winning business to another level.Learn More »


For Investors. Our investors are looking for opportunities to expand their portfolios with agribusiness investments. Our investors are looking to fund winning opportunities.Learn More »

Helping Caribbean Agribusinesses Grow

CADCO suite of tools and services has helped founders start, grow, and fund their companies
Launch Your Business
Incorporate and grow your company

Let us help you launch your business. We will help take your business from just an idea to a success.

Investment Accelerators
Take Your Business to The Next Level

CADCO evaluates connects your business to industry accelerators to expand your reach and help you accomplish more while staying true to your dream.

Many Capital and Investment Solutions
Find the Right Solution to Fund Your Dream

The CADCO team will work with you to find a capital acquisition strategy to work for you. We will help you craft the perfect WIN WIN solution for you and the investors.

Startup Funding
Raise capital from angel investors and VCs

CADCO provides access to angel groups across the world. Your CIPO Business Starter will walk you through the process of applying to the right ones for your business.

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Investors are five times more likely to invest locally.

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Find opportunities in various agribusiness industries.

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Leverage the Power of the Caribbean's Most Important Business Sector

“Give a Man a Fish, and You Feed Him for a Day. Teach a Man To Fish, and You Feed Him for a Lifetime…”